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 What is investment? This kind of question usually appears the 

first time someone is faced with an investment offer, both online 

and offline. Investment is an activity of placing funds in productive 

assets in the hope of getting a return on the growth of the value of 

the asset, within a certain period of time. For modern society, the 

word investment is certainly no stranger. It may be that every day 

we meet the word on news, television, radio, and the internet. 

Many nvestment businesses can be done in the short or long term, 

of course, all of them aim to get added value or profits in the 

future. For example, when someone saves his money in a bank in 

the hope of getting interest from his savings, in general the action 

is an example of the understanding of investment. Seeing the many 

investments that are currently crowded on the internet, in terms of 

security, several investment models that are known today do have a 

higher risk than deposits to banks. This is normal, because 

following the principle of "high risk, high return", the higher 

the potential profit, the greater the risk that must be prepared to 

be borne.
   In the context of BillionByte investment is one of our advantages. 

because at the token we have an investment function that will 

provide a profit of 20% per month to holders who store 

BillionByte tokens for us in one month.

How to :

1. Visit @BiliionByte_bot and click the investation button

2.You need a little eth on your erc20 address to send BLB.

3. Buy in the market and send eth to your erc20 address.

4. Send BLB to the address given at @BiliionByte_bot, just wait 

for it to run automatically.

5. 30 days after BLB delivery you will get your BLB back along 

with 20% BLB as the profit.

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